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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy October!

September went out with a bang. It was quite overwhelming for me- I'm more than happy with just one social event a week, but we have been out and about since Thursday.

Thursday we went to hear Dan Savage speak about his It Gets Better Project. It was a funny, educational, heart breaking talk. I'll write more about it in my next post.

Friday we had dinner with some new and old friends. It was so nice to be at the end of September and still dining outside under the stars. Essie had more than his share of cookies, though, and even though he got sick the next morning, he didn't appear to feel sick at all. We were supposed to go to a bowling birthday party Sat afternoon, but had to cancel because I didn't want to take the chance that it was the flu and get everyone else sick, too.

Saturday, after stocking up on this week's veggies at the farmers' market, we took the boat out to a sandbar on the river. There was already a houseboat there with a bunch of guys hanging out and a couple of other people by a canoe when we arrived, but within five minutes of our pulling up to the beach, a dozen or so canoes and kayaks also pulled up, and suddenly there was a party- bluegrass music and all. They stayed for a couple of hours and then left us with the silence of the water once again. It was an unexpected, but welcome addition to the afternoon with friends.

Today we had a birthday party at a local park for Essie and Belalu's friend who turned 2. Belalu had received this sweet dress for her birthday last month from some friends of ours, and I was so happy the day was warm enough for her to wear it. I think it'll still fit her in the spring, but just in case...

It was such a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous, we were outside a ton, we got a lot of friends and family time, and I somehow still feel caught up with work and ready to start a new week. Hope your weekend was also wonderful!

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