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Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Have Walking!!

A couple of weeks ago, Belalu took her first steps. It was to get an ice cream drink of Essie's. (hmmm, food motivated much? ;) After that first surprise (even for herself), here and there she would get up and take a step or two and then sit back on her butt. She was content to do that, adding another step from day to day. But suddenly, last weekend our sweet little restless one decided that she liked the vertical view and has been working hard to get around walking. She's still very slow and unsteady, but her determination will prevail soon enough, and then I won't be able to catch up. I have a feeling this will be a recurring theme with this one.

I'm hoping to shorten the silences here. This semester has been very overwhelming for me and I'm up most nights until 1 am trying to get classes prepared for the next day. I'm working on getting ahead so I can have some quiet time for myself most nights instead of doing work.


  1. She is gorgeous!!! It is so exciting when they start walking. Fi can stand really well, but is too cautious just yet to walk without holding onto something... I can't wait :-)) Are you ever on FB? One of the US girls, Kim is trying to figure out another venue, she has 2 options and is trying to decide now...

    1. I just checked FB and didn't see any messages from Kim- where should be I looking for the convo?

    2. Just sent it on... I didn't realize you weren't on the trail