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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two Years!

Recently Belalu turned two. This amazing girl of mine just gets sweeter and sweeter. She hasn't lost any of her determination, though. People who meet her, many of whom don't know her as anything other than an average toddler, tell me "you're not going to have to worry about this one." And those who do know that she is extra special, they reassure me that, well, we won't have to worry about her. I should clarify that I'm not going around telling people that I'm worried about her or anything- they just watch her for a while and then make their pronouncement without prompting.

This girl just projects confidence in herself and her capabilities. She figures things out. She gets where she wants to go, one way or another.

Her annual well visit was uneventful, as we hope they will be. She is progressing along her own curves. We celebrated her day as a family. The boys made her cupcakes while she napped, and then we ate them after dinner on the river.

It's been a busy, fun summer, so I've been absent on the web. But I didn't want to miss this occasion. Happy Birthday, sweet, gorgeous girl.