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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good-Bye Summer! Vigo

Last pictures from Spain.
Essie discovered bounce houses and bouncy slides this summer. He never was fully convinced, though. He's not a daredevil, this one. I love that he's cautious but not fearful.
Foam party for the kids- they really know how to party in Spain!
My gorgeous bathing beauty/ water bunny. This girl is going to be using lots of sunscreen in her life- I have a feeling she'll be at the beach/pool every chance she gets.

 That smile melts my heart...

 I miss living by the ocean.
Little bugger figured out how to undo her stroller straps and took to standing up in the stroller all summer. Well, we know who got all the daredevil genes.
 Gorgeous port of Vigo
 Suddenly these guys appeared
 Dancing in the street: traditional Galician music, dancing, costumes

 Good-bye Vigo. Adiós España. ¡Hasta el próximo verano!

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