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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I was reading a favorite blog of mine yesterday, and she mentioned some cute baby gifts a friend recently received at a shower. This book Now I am Big! was one of the gifts. She liked it for the graphic design, but the title immediately struck a chord with me. [You may recall that when Belalu was diagnosed with hypo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was not banished from our home immediately. I still haven't read it to them, but it's there on the shelf to be read, should one of them pick it out.]

If you click on the "Look Inside!" option, you'll see my suspicions were confirmed. The premise of the book is to celebrate toddlerhood; to celebrate no longer being a baby. The first marker of that difference? "I used to be short."(a baby in a stroller unable to reach an apple on a tree).... next page: "Now I am tall" (proud independent toddler grasping the fruit himself).

So, while it is a really cute book, I won't be buying this one for our library. His other book done in a similar style looks promising, though. I Can Do it Myself is also a celebration of getting older, but focuses on independence without putting so much emphasis on physical attributes.

These two books struck a chord in me because I've found myself saying to E a lot lately "You are a big boy now" and we'll even say "Belalu is a big girl, too" or for some things, "she's too little to do that". I just can't seem to get away from that little-big dichotomy where "big" equals older, more capable, and "little"is equated with inability, and being a baby. How do you express these ideas in your house? I would welcome any suggestions for ways to change the paradigm so that "little" does not become a negative in our family, as both kids celebrate moving away from babyhood and getting older and more independent.

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  1. I still can't make myself do the dwarf discussion with my older kids. Tried today and got blank stares: "Fi is Fi, we know she has a medical condition, shorter arms and legs, but a dwarf like a dwarf in Snow White, what?" In our house most of the talk is about age, so we discuss abilities, things they did, etc. based on that. I think we will stick with it. Oh and we just got a book from some sweet friends, who I am sure would be mortified to find out, with some evil dwarfs in it, really...