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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where we're at this week

Our little reading corner in the study
Everyone seems to be well on the road to recovery after last week's cold. It was a mean one, but I'd rather that than the flu.

The weather continues to be mid-winter-in-the-north: frigid (we're looking at a high of 3F in the coming days- gulp) or icy. Serious, take-no-prisoners icy. Our entire road is just a sheet of thick ice. I think the local schools actually cancelled today because of the ice conditions. To counteract the chill, I've taken to pouring over seed catalogs, pinning flowers and shrubs on Pinterest, and sketching out ambitious garden plans that may see full fruition when the kids go to college :)

At home, I'm thankful for my full pantry that allowed me to scavenge around and pull together a promising soup made from the rest of the beans I soaked this weekend for our Sunday supper of baked beans and brown bread. My bean pot didn't have room for them all, so they got thrown in with some tri-colored orzo, carrots, celery, diced tomatoes, garlic, some seasonings and chicken stock. I also made a huge batch of popcorn for snacking and more oatmeal- I'm ready to hibernate this weekend! (Well, I will be after a trip to the grocery tomorrow- our fridge is almost bare.)

The kids are doing well. Less sniffles and sneezes. Belalu is so happy and sweet these days. I love seeing her sense of humor develop and she is into dancing to music and showing everyone her belly button. She is just so precious. I want her to be this happy and confident forever.

So that's us these days. I'm knitting, reading, audio-booking and Downton Abbeying my way through winter. Tomorrow the exercising will begin again after a week of daily headaches and turning in early. What we all really need is a walk in the fresh air, so here's hoping for a thaw soon.

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