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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Belalu's dream room

It's the Year of the House in the FIG residence, and I've got big plans for getting this place in shape. One room that needs a total overhaul is Belalu's room. We've had an improvement since last weekend when J took out the big double bed that was taking up most of the room (it used to be the guest room) and brought in our glider so I can nurse in comfort in the middle of the night. There's still a lot of elbow grease that needs to be done, however.

Now, during the semester and in the dead of winter, though, is a time for dreams. The arrival of the latest Land of Nod catalog yesterday reminded me of what I'd like her room to look like eventually. My inspiration for her room started with these prints by Blanca Gomez, that I saw on Etsy while still pregnant with Belalu. I love the illustrations and the colors, and knew immediately that's what I wanted for her room. (She got the prints for Christmas last year.)

So, the bed I want to get for her is this one:

I'd like to get her this lamp by her bed:

And in their newest catalog, I saw this chair, which I think she'd be able to get in and out of easily. I'm loving chevrons right now, but it is very trendy and the color selection is minimal- I'd love a teal option- but since we won't be buying it anytime soon, maybe there will be more options later.

 And in a dream world, she'd have this rug to go with it all:

This summer I'm going to paint the walls in her room white (they are green right now) and reupholster her window seat- two manageable, economical steps. I'd also like to find a nice rug- the one above is waaay beyond our budget, especially for a kids' room. But it's gorgeous, isn't it? I love, love, love Angela Adams rugs.

Thanks for dreaming with me today!


  1. Bless... lovely. You probably need a second job to be able to create this dream room.... :-)

  2. Wow! I love, love , love that bed! I am sure with your creativity that Belalu is going to have a beautiful room! Xoxo