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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Mornings

I like routines and rituals. I also like to shake them up and break them here and there, but generally, routine is good. Especially with little ones. This past winter, Saturdays were "Doughnut Day." But once the Farmers Market opened in May, Saturdays have become "Farmers Market Day." The produce has finally started coming in and today I got beets, rainbow chard, shiitake mushrooms, and sugar snap peas. My favorite veggie ever. I eat them like others down potato chips. Just pop them in my mouth and savor their crunchy sweetness. These were the best I've had this season. I'll have to go back and get more on Wednesday. Sugar Snap Pea season is never long enough around here.
PS We spent the afternoon outside and discovered that our raspberries are starting to ripen. Belalu and Essie loved them. Snap peas and raspberries- what a great day!

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