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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clothes That Fit: Polarn O. Pyret Part I

One of the questions that came up at the LPA chapter convention and I've since seen around the web is the topic of finding clothes that fit our littles. I have a couple of companies I'm really happy with, so I thought I'd share them with you here. First up, there's Polarn O. Pyret, a Swedish company. They say that their clothing designs are about 30% girls, 30% boys, and the rest are gender-neutral. I love that they have such fun patterns and use bright colors. (The shirt is from there, too. It's 9-12 m, though she also has one in 6-9 that fits just as well).

I bought all these clothes for Belalu before she was born and she's been wearing them since last fall. I can't say that about any other brand's clothes. The quality of the fabrics and construction is very high, so they stand up to years of use, whether from one sibling to the next or just for the same kiddo whose growth is slower than average.

I got her two pairs of these "harem pants." The grey ones are size 2-4 months and the green are 4-6 months (the pants she is wearing in the Madison post), but she's been wearing them both since last year. The top of the pants has a wide waistband that can be folded over at first, and then laid flat as they age. The bottom cuffs also allow you to adjust the length, and allow the fabric to bunch a bit in the legs while still being comfortable for play and movement.

She also has more legging-style pants with the same cuff style, and I got her a pair of jeans a few months ago. Besides rolling up the bottom cuff, the waistband allows for adjustment. Thus, Belalu can wear pant sizes from the same company that range from 2 months to 12 months.
Sizes 4-6m, 6-9m, and 9-12 from left to right- cuffed and uncuffed
Adjustable waistband is a must, and all their stuff comes with name tag for school/daycare
A close up of the super-cute gender-neutral print. Those green pants are from their ECO line and are so soft I had to buy myself a pair in black and white for lounging/sleeping- yes! they do make some stuff for the parents, too :)

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