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Friday, November 30, 2012


Dr. Pauli recommended that we get Belalu's hearing tested since it is so common to have issues with hypo. We have never had reason to believe that she has difficulty hearing, and her speech is so well developed we have not been concerned. At her age, E was dealing with once-a-month ear infections, while she's only had one ever. Nevertheless, her test showed mild hearing loss. Since she's battling a cold, he suggested we come back in 6 weeks and try again. I'm really hoping it's just congestion.

A few weeks ago, J got back from his trip and was appalled to get a call from the local cardiac clinic. It seems I had been ignoring their attempts to get Belalu hooked up to a Holter monitor. Ummm... well, sort of... See, the thing is, this is such a P.I.T.A. for a toddler, I just couldn't find the right 24-hours period to deal with it. She has spent the last month and a half waking up every couple of hours due to teething and a nice pm vomiting flu thrown in for good measure (wow- has it really been that long since I've slept!?!?). To add this on top of all that was just not going to happen.

Anyway, this is the second time she's had to wear one of these, and honestly, I'm not really clear on what they were looking for. The first time they checked her heart, they found one thing. The second time, the first hing was fine, but they found something else. Now, they wanted to check one more time to make sure all is good. It's awful, but I really can't get into too much more detail than that because I was dealing with so many other things regarding her health, I just don't remember these details. It's in her files in the next room, I'm sure. But I'm convinced she's fine, so I'm not worrying about it. And if J hasn't been concerned and researching the heck out of it, than I know there's nothing to worry about.

The Dr.s have also assured me that they are not too worried, that it's all routine to make sure, blah blah- all the things they tell you until they throw bad news at you, I know, but I really think she's fine, so I was more annoyed at the inconvenience of trying to keep five electrodes on a baby that doesn't stop moving, even in her sleep. And the cord that attached them to the monitor was looooong. You know, made for an adult not a smaller-than-average 15 month old. So, we wrapped it around her waist and tucked the monitor into the side of her pants, beeper-style. (Her hand is covering it in the pic below).  Thankfully, as long as nothing appears, this should be the last time we have to do this.

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