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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clothes That Fit: Polarn O. Pyret II

Yesterday I talked about POP pants, today I want to show you their outerwear. The company's motto is "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing." Most Swedish kids spend hours outside, even in the cold Nordic winter, so their clothes are warm, waterproof, and windproof.

I first got Essie a jacket and pants the year before last, and he's still wearing them. Their jackets and pants come with lots of adjustments to accommodate growing ones for more than one winter season. The pants have a wide elastic in the waist, as well as velcro tabs to adjust the fit even more.

The bottoms have the same bottom tabs to keep snow and wet out, but also are handy for shorter legs, since you just tighten the bottom and let the extra fabric bunch along the legs, without interfering with play.

Belalu's pants came with suspenders that are VERY adjustable (and removable, too), so I think she may be wearing these for years. (I bought the pants and two jackets for her last winter, before I knew she had hypo, so they are a size 1-1.5 yrs.)
The jackets allow for adjusting the length of the body as well as the sleeve tabs that mean I don't have to fold them up, just cinch them and let her play. The hoods are removable and adjust for different head sizes, both around the face and the crown of the head.

Many of their jackets, like E's below and B's polka-dot fleece, come with these little hand warmer layers that fit over the thumb.
All POP's jackets have a snap system that lets you attach difference pieces together for deep-cold layering. Thus, Belalu can wear her polka-dot fleece alone or underneath her water and wind-proof shell for serious snow fun.

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