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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Madison Meet-Up

After Dr. Pauli's visit we got to meet up with three other families familiar with hypochondroplasia. Fi is about 2 1/2 months older than Belalu. A is almost three years old, and P is five. The kids all had fun playing together, and the adults had plenty to talk about. It was really nice to meet everyone, and we decided we would coordinate Fi and Belalu's appointments with Dr. Pauli again next year so everyone could meet up again. 
The whole gang: of course we couldn't get a photo where they were all sitting still and/or looking at the camera at the same time ;)
It was interesting to compare experiences. P, A, and Belalu all had neonatal seizures. A is currently weaning off her medication now, so hopefully they are in the past for her. Fi was the only one diagnosed before birth, Belalu was diagnosed at 9 months, A was in the past year, and I think, if I remember correctly, P was diagnosed when he was three. 
The Boys
The Youngest Girls

P and A
I didn't know the other two families before we met in Madison, but was such a treat for me to meet Fiona and her mom after becoming friends via our blogs. Belalu is so lucky to have a friend so close in age with hypo, and we realized that when we're in Vigo, our families aren't too far away, so we're hoping for another meet-up before Madison next year.
Did you notice Belalu's shirt???

I've mentioned before how lucky I've felt to meet so many wonderful people since Belalu's diagnosis, and I definitely felt that way after our visit to Madison. To know there are such loving families just a phone call and/or car ride away makes me feel very grateful and fortunate. 


  1. That get together looks like so much fun!!! I am so happy for you that you got to meet up with so many people!!! Belalu will have friends for life! I love the pic of Belalu and her friend on the swings! Xoxo

  2. What great photos! And what an amazing oppertunity to meet everyone! (gotta admit I'm a teeny bit jealous! lol!)

  3. What gorgeous kids, especially the baby in the swing with Belalu :-) It was great to meet and we must do it next year. I am shooting for the last week of Nov/first week of Dec... Will e-mail everyone months and months before like this year...