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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

La guardería de la Terminal 4, Barajas, Madrid

Since I mentioned it in a previous post, I thought to snap some photos of the childrens’ play area in the Madrid airport. It’s in Terminal 4, which is physically quite separate from the other terminals, and only serves Iberia, I think. It’s all free and open to young children and their parents.

There is a big play space with toys, books, and things to climb on, as well as a smaller space with soft blocks for building and a ball pit.
The bathroom area is only for children- Essie and I appreciated the smaller open toilets, while Juju was glad they had some behind closed doors for the older, more modest kids.
One space provides bath-like sinks and blow dryers, and they lend you towels there. Beyond that is a kitchen space with fridge, microwave, and high chairs.
Belalu and I tried out the crib room. There were three cribs and a comfy chair for nursing and parent napping, which I can attest did the trick after a no-sleep overnight flight (luckily I was the only one who didn’t get any sleep on the flight).

I wish all major airports had such a complete service. It felt like a family VIP lounge, and made the almost-five hours between flights pass much more quickly.

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