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Friday, August 24, 2012

Belalu's One-Year Measurements

Weight: 8.54 kg; 18lb 13 oz
Height: 66 cm; 2'1"

I also checked her hypo test results and confirmed that she does have the same mutation as the GH study. I must have misunderstood when I thought the Dr. said hers was different, because JC didn't hear that. Good thing we were both there. Six hours is a long time to be talking to doctors.


  1. I am compulsive about the head circumference... Did they measure it?
    And yes, 6 hours is VERY long... And I've meant to ask you, how did her brother do???

    Fi was about the same height at that age, but she had a low birthweight and kept at it, so she is still only 7.6 kg at the age of 14.5 months.

    One of the things that surprised me in the French study was how all 6 kids' measurements were VERY similar... I do think that this particular mutation is a lot more predictable in terms of Height (and HC) than if you look at the wide range that's normally suggested for hypo, which includes all the mutations.

  2. Yes, they did measure her head but I couldn't find it in any of the paperwork and I forgot what it was. I should just measure it tomorrow- I want to say 18.75", but I'll check. It was still in the 97% percentile of the AH chart, same as three months ago, but I think it was a little bigger than then.

    Juju did well. He brought his computer and played Mindcraft on that almost the whole time. He did come into the room near the end, but then went back to the waiting room because we had us and Belalu, the geneticist, her assistant, a med student, and our patient advocate all in the room at the same time, and it was just waaay too crowded.

  3. Just like Fi... +2 SD... and yes, her head may be a tiny bit bigger than +2SD now as after a year the AH HC growth really slows down. Hers has slowed down as well, but not that much.

    I am glad Juju survived...