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Monday, August 20, 2012

Appointments with Siblings?

Wednesday we have a day of appointments for Belalu.  We have four related to her NICU follow-up and two related to her hypochondroplasia. Essie will be in daycare, but we will have to take 11-year-old Juju with us. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me on what you do with your other children during these long appointment days. He's into his computer, so he'll bring that along with a couple of books, but 6 hours is long for anyone to be in the same place for all that time, let alone a very active 11 year old boy. Help!


  1. Lots of patience! I find it harder when I have to bring my older kids too - just because the chemistry between the older ones sometimes is off. Bring snacks. Is there a coffee shop near by where he could get a drink of just go for a walk.
    Hope all goes well on Wednesday. What are the hypo follow ups for?

  2. Does Juju not have any friends in the area that he could go on an extended playdate to? Maybe 11 is a mature age, but even my 30+ tear old husband totally loses it during the appointments. Plus I find that I really need to be able to focus, to listen to what the doctors are saying, ask all the questions, I have, etc. And I can just about do it with having to care for Fi. In other words, I always end up paying sitters not to take the other 2... Then again, mine are a LOT younger. Bribe him with lots of junk food that normally he is not allowed to eat, that must work for every age group.