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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Story: The final days of pregnacy

It had been so exhausting traveling alone with a toddler three weeks out from my due date. I got home that night and collapsed into my bed. As I lay there, I could feel her flip inside me. I had an appointment scheduled with the midwife the next day, since she hadn't seen me for a month, and she confirmed that the baby was breech. I panicked.

I did not want a c-section. I wanted a completely natural birth. I had had such a wonderful experience with E, and I had been hoping to have an equally great experience with Belalu. Plus, I had E, who had been my constant companion all summer and who I was already worried was going to feel slighted when the new baby came along. He had been super clingy in the past few months and I couldn't imagine that having a baby would make that better. Not to mention, having to stay at the hospital for four days of recovery and then not being able to lift him.... I did not want, could not have, a c-section.

I went to work trying to get her to turn. I had read that sometimes babies flip for a reason, so I didn't want to do anything invasive in case she had the cord around her neck or something equally dangerous. For example, I was offered some homeopathic pills that I decided not to take (and I was forever relieved that I had made that choice, since I had so many what-ifs on my list while we were in the NICU, and this was one less thing to wonder about). I did do handstands in the pool and supported shoulder stands at home. I had done hypnobirthing with E and hadn't really trained with it as much this time, but I did order the CD for flipping the baby. I drove and hour and a half to see a chiropractor specializing in pregnant women. I did acupuncture and moxibustion. I did everything I could to get her to flip back, but nothing worked. The last option was an external version (where the Dr. physically turns the baby from the outside), but it could induce labor. J was due home five days before my due date. I really wanted him to be there for the birth, so we decided to schedule the EV on my due date. I was scheduled to go in at 10 am, and was told to be prepared to have a c-section that day if the EV didn't work.

In all these days leading up to my due date, I felt helpless. I saw a c-section looming and was petrified. I didn't want surgery. On the other hand, all this time I spent trying to flip the baby was time I could have been spending with E enjoying our summer together. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. First, this baby comes out of nowhere and now I'm going to get cut open because of her? How had I gotten to this point? What was happening??!?!? (I'm sure the pregnancy hormones and not having my husband there didn't help my mental state ;) I was angry, I was scared, I was frustrated. I felt completely and utterly helpless. It was my lowest point- those finals days before my due date. Little did I know then, it was all just making me stronger for what was to come.

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