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Saturday, February 9, 2013

This Face

On the 18th she'll be a year and a half old.

Half her life ago she was diagnosed with hypo.

Lately she's into everything she shouldn't be, so she's working on running away from mama. (Current favorite: stuffing her mouth with dog food- how can you even do that more than once?!?!)

Her vocab is expanding daily right now. She's saying yes and no, dog, up, down, door, hot, that, mine- I think it's about a word a day.

She's finally showing an interest in books. She'll grab one, (she loves this one right now)
back her behind up into my lap, plop down and present it to me with a clear "book!"

She hugs and kisses her "babies" and has conversations with her brother that only he can understand.

Generally, she's only waking up once a night now. I'd like it to be less, but since she goes down for 13 hours, a feeding in the middle seems reasonable.

She recently outgrew most of her 6 month clothes. She wears between 12-24 months, depending. It's becoming more and more obvious that she is smaller than her peers, but few people say anything to me directly about it.

She has not wanted me out of her sight. It can be frustrating, but it's also nice because she has rarely slowed down enough for snuggles, and I can at least sneak in a few kisses before the complaints get too loud.

She loves watching herself in the mirror- she'll strut around in front of it. I don't blame her- I can't get enough of her either.


  1. Wow a year and a half already!? Where does the time go! She is absolutely beautiful!!!!

    P.S. I love the pics from the jam session. There is nothing like a good pot or pan to bang.