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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

22 Months: An update

Belalu is quite the toddler these days. She will emphatically point her finger at you and say "no!" in a very firm voice. She oftentimes insists on walking up and down the stairs by herself. When she can, she'll hold a railing, but if not, she'll use the wall and then swing her leg around till it's on the next step. Going down, she carefully will walk or scoot on her butt, depending on how tired she is and how high the rise is between stairs. She sometimes will pull her brother's hair or hit him when he won't share with her, but then immediately rubs the same spot and gives him kisses and hugs.  Getting her in the car seat these days is often a physical struggle, and then she has to be removed screaming from the same seat when we reach our destination. However, it's not all testing limits and gauging power. When she hasn't seen me in a couple of hours, I get a very high-pitched screech of pleasure and then an enthusiastic "mama!!!" She talks a lot, and prefers to sit and look at a book by herself rather than be read to, though that is being requested more and more, too, especially if it involves Elmo. This amazes me, because she has no interest in watching Sesame St, and has maybe seen three clips of it in her life, and yet adores all the books and toys we have that feature him. She loves to sweep and help wipe up spills (in fact I think she often creates those spills just so she can wipe them up).

When I try to sing to her, she usually puts her hands over the ears or says repeatedly until I stop, "no, no, no!" When her brother sings to her, she claps and says "yay!!" They both are working on sharing, as her interest in what he's doing grows. E has learned to ride a big boy bike now, so we lowered his balance bike hoping it would be low enough for Belalu, and I really thought it would be, but was very disappointed to discover that it's not. She's really interested in bikes, and every Tues when we leave the Y, there's a women's bike group gathering for a ride at that time. Belalu just stands there and looks at all of them. I have to pick her up and carry her away or she'd never leave.

The biggest milestone for me lately is hard to discern below, but is the best picture I currently have on my computer of her ..... pigtails!!! Her hair is finally long enough to put up! I'm trying to get her to let me pin her hair back with a barrette in the front, since she sweats so easily in the heat, and the best strategy so far seems to be putting in about five in a close row and hoping she tires of pulling them out before she reaches the last one or two. I've never been able to keep a headband on her for more than three seconds.

She's now in the toddler room at daycare, and the teacher told J yesterday that she's going to order Belalu a higher stool for the sink. I guess she wanted to put her cup in the sink by herself and couldn't do it, so another kid helped. But the way she described it, B wanted to throw it into the sink and couldn't, so we're wondering if it was more about her coordination than her height. I need to talk to the teacher myself and ask more questions for clarification. Obviously, we are happy she is being sensitive to B's needs, but we're wondering if it's really necessary right now for her to have a different apparatus already.

Besides bikes and bubbles, Belalu's favorite thing ever right now is babies. She is mad about babies. Whenever she sees one when we're out and about, she shrieks "BABY!!!!!" and runs over to pat its head or give it kisses or stick her finger in its eye or nose or mouth. Given her affinity for them, I thought she'd like the documentary "Babies," which E had seen and liked at about her age. Ummmmm, yeah.... she might be a bit obsessed. Every time she sees my computer now, she shrieks "babies!!!!" and runs over to it, repeating the word until I put it on or dissolving into a fit of tears if I don't. She won't watch cartoons, but she'll watch this for a good 30-45 minutes. One day I had taken it back to the library and she was insisting on watching it, so J found a National Geographic documentary on Netflix that she happily watched most of. I was happy she didn't like watching tv, but with her toddler moods, it has been nice to have a little peace and quiet while I prepare dinner or to be able to sit and knit while watching it with her.

So, that's our soon-to-be two year old lately. She is adored by us all, and we love witnessing her develop, even as she continues to be the sweet, independent, determined girl she's always been, just in new ways.


  1. Love, love, love those pigtails!! Belalu and Lyla love the same things. When I was reading your post I thought I was reading about Lyla! Lol
    The "No No", loving babies and Elmo, hitting her sibling but the giving kisses... Wow sounds so familiar! It sounds like we have our work cut out for us with our little Divas!!! Xoxo

  2. She is absolutely adorable! I love the newest milestone, suits her very much!!! Hugs to you Vanessa. E-mail me when you guys come to Europe!!!

  3. Love reading the sweet about her love for babies.
    LH has a balance bike, but he still can't ride it. Even with the seat lowered all the way. It was a birthday gift last September - at the time I thought it was the smallest one available, but I see bikes with 10in wheels.