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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are you still here, March?

I have disappeared into March. It's been a brutal month, weather-wise. We've just been keeping our heads down trying to work through it. After being sick for three weeks, I finally emerged healthy but stir-crazy. So, lots of playing catch-up with housework, with work-work, etc, but always with the promise of spring break fast approaching. And then...the hotel was booked, everyone's health was good, our conversations filled with talk about where we'd eat and which car/bikes/strollers to take... and then... our destination, which had been 70 degrees the week before ... then... suddenly turned cold and snowy and there was no need to travel 7 hours in the car for cold and snowy, since we already had that right here. And still continue to have it. There is still no green to be seen in these parts.

Even our walking days have been kept to a minimum, because the wind has been frigid. I think I've managed to get out for a walk maybe once a week this month.
 We've had lots of playing inside. Lots of reading and drawing and making and watching, too.
 We've been taking advantage of the indoor gym opportunities to get some exercise and socialize.
The good thing about staying in town for break was that I got a good portion of my spring cleaning done. Walls and baseboards and doors suddenly have new life after a good scrub. Cobwebs are gone. (yes, I really had actual cobwebs lurking in the corners). It's still too chilly to throw open the windows, but the birds have been singing loudly in the trees and in the past couple of days I've noticed the snow making a slow and quiet retreat from the walkways and sidewalks around town. March is almost over, and I'm counting on April to herald in a true and proper spring. I think we deserve it after this winter.

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  1. Don't tell me that you actually cleaned the doors... It has been on my list for ever... Kids looking cute, weather will be better in no time now, hang in there sweet V.