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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr.'s Appointments

We had our appointment with Dr. Pauli in October, and everything looked great. He said he wouldn't need to see us for another 18 months or so. He predicted Belalu's adult height to be 4'9", which is taller than we expected him to say. I have friends and relatives not much taller than that (who don't have hypo). If this is accurate, the biggest factor, then, in terms of her accessibility, will be the length of her limbs. J is concerned about her being able to drive without something to help her reach the pedals, for example. So, the debate about if she'll want to do limb-lengthening is still alive in our house, as it will be until she is old enough to decide for herself.

She will have her three-year appointment next month, and I'll post the measurements they take, since I know there are parents who like to compare with their own child.

We'd had no other appointments since September. Except for an occasional cold in winter, she has been perfectly healthy. Much more than her brother, actually.

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