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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy 14 months, baby girl!

My baby Belalu turns 14 months today. I just recently gushed about all her amazingness, so I'll spare you too much more gushing. But I have to tell you, she is just so much fun lately! She seems to be turning into quite the fashionista already. She'll spend a a long time insisting we put on different shoes and socks, then taking them off and giving us other ones to put on her. Her other favorite accessories, besides necklaces and bracelets, are scarves or cowls. It's getting chilly here, so I've been wearing lots of them myself, and she makes it clear she wants to wear one, too. She has appropriated her brother's cowl I knit him last year, and in this picture she's wearing one of my shawls around the house with jammies and slippers. (sorry for the blur, but this girl moves all. the. time.)
With all this interest in neckwear, I decided that she needed some of her own, so I immediately cast on for her a smaller version of the bandana cowl from The Purl Bee. Then I saw the scarf-bib on Adelaide's blog, and realized I could make up some cowls for her right away. They have snaps in the back, but she can also pull them over her head. Boy, oh boy, having a girl is fun :)


  1. wow is she walking already??? Love the pictures!

  2. She is a beauty!!! Happy 14 months!!! Xoxo