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Friday, October 12, 2012


The other night we were at a social event for the kids' daycare and Belalu was walking around amongst the parents and kids. At the same time she took a little fall, a woman who didn't see her kind of tripped over her- it wasn't the woman's fault, and she didn't hurt Belalu at all, but later she felt the need to come up to me and apologize again. I told her not to worry, and then she asked me how old she was.
                     "Almost fourteen months."
                     "Oh. Poor thing! She's destined to have to look up at everyone, even other little kids."

I smiled and nodded, and then her daughter, who was about 7 or 8 added,
"It's so cute- she's so little and she walks!"

They were just being nice, I know, but they have no idea how right they were. The mom's words especially struck me as odd- I mean, why would you say destined to look up at everyone? Most kids will eventually grow to be the same height or taller than their peers.

Also, we've been getting a lot of "Oh, she's just like a little doll!" comments lately from strangers.


  1. Oh we get the little doll one ALL the time... I agree, I think Fi and Belou are like little gorgeous dolls... nothing wrong with that. And dolls' proportions are different, you do realize that, right? I don't think people realize but I think it's part of the association, other than their gorgeous little faces.
    I think Fi is now the age that people realize that something may be wrong with her when they find out her age and now they won't say anything just stay really quiet... or ask if she was a preemie, that happened a few times too...

  2. I find the doll comments funny just for that reason. It's the typical doll shape. In fact, Belalu has a doll shaped just like her- with a big head and big eyes and short arms and legs. J and I always give each other a knowing look when they say that. Part of me wants to actually tell them- "It's because she has dwarfism" (I know you love that word ;) Because then maybe people would have a positive association with dwarfism instead of being uncomfortable with it.

  3. Sorry my spelling sucks... I massively mistype your daughter's name... You will need to teach me the pronunciation too please.... Don't say the dwarfism thing... people would be SO uncomfortable and then you would be SOOOOOOOO uncomfortable... But I guess it's true that they are adorable... Ok. Am going to send you the details of where we are staying now to your e-mail. Knowing that you are the next appointment after us will help me get through my questions on time. I will see you coming out the door. That is hilarious...

  4. We are just discovering that our 2 year old has a form of dwarfism, but we're not sure what kind. We get these comments too now. Today at a Halloween party, Mimi was nearly eye to eye with an eight month old. I knew the mom and Grandma were in shock that Mimi is so small. I have to work out what to say, it's starting to be more noticeable.

    1. I hope you get a diagnosis soon- the not knowing is the worst part. I checked out your blog, and I love your work. I'm a total tweed-head, though I've just worked with yarn at this point. Mimi is gorgeous! Clearly she is a healthy and happy toddler, which are the most important things, right? Keep me posted as you find out more.